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Celebrate Big and Small

Indulge in the extraordinary at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse in Fort Smith, where every occasion is an opportunity to create lasting memories! Immerse yourself in our divine selection of expertly crafted sushi, each roll a delightful fusion of flavors. And don't miss the captivating spectacle at our hibachi grill, where our skilled chefs turn cooking into an art form.


Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations—every milestone shines brighter at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse in Fort Smith. Elevate your special moments with the finest sushi and hibachi fare, ensuring each celebration becomes an unforgettable experience!

Dive into a culinary journey where taste meets ambiance at our Japanese hibachi and sushi bar. Nestled in the heart of Fort Smith, our inviting setting sets the stage for romantic evenings and joyful family gatherings alike. Let the vibrant energy of our hibachi grill and the artistry of our sushi chefs whisk you away to a realm of extraordinary experiences for every occasion.


Fuji is the place for not only dinner but a show that the whole family will be talking about for weeks to come. Looking for something a little more intimate? Fuji also offers a full assortment of hand crafted cocktails and fabulous dine in experience that will make Fuji your favorite date night location.


This Month’s Special

Black Dragon Roll

Fancy Rainbow Roll

Temptation of Fire Roll

Orange Beach Roll

Featuring impeccably sourced fish for a huge variety of appetizers, sushi and stunning entrees. Every item served lives up to its name, literally unlike any sushi experience you've had in the past.

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3600 Massard Road

Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903

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